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The Permanencia Voluntaria Film Archive truly is a communal archive. With foundations in the popular films that people have loved, that love continues to manifest in the support it receives. This archive is a communal project that would not survive with an abundance of support by the community. Over the years there have a been a number of people and institutions who have supported the archive in terms of time and money. Thank you to all of you for your generosity! 

Michael Nyman: Our good friend from England, the well known composer, has assisted us in the rescue of various films and as part of that he paid for a refrigerated trailer to carry our nitrate movie collection from Mexico to the US border. Thanks to his efforts we were able to bring the collection to the safest place on earth for nitrate films.  














Jan Christopher Horak:  Jan Christopher, with the aid of the UCLA Film and Television Archive has been the godfather of Permanencia Voluntaria. Thanks to him we were able to save our entire Nitrate collection as he was able to make a deal so the collection could be stored in the Santa Clarita vaults, a haven for nitrate films. Over the years he has also helped us to restore various films from our archive.





Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia:  This organization has been one of our biggest allies since the beginning of Permanencia Voluntaria. They have given us a space to show our movies and in the past few years we have been able to release the recently restored films. They have also helped put us in contact with people of other archives to expand our connections.



One of our latest films shown in the Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia, Santo Contra los Hombres Infernales, was one of the most attended showings they have ever had in the film festival.                                     


Meghan Brown Saavedra: This Texan hero works from the shadows and supports the archive as Mexico’s Country Coordinator for the Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) program with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. She has served in this position since 2017.  The program invites young adults ages 21-29 to a transformative, year-long journey in international service. These young adults serve in the spirit of accompaniment to walk alongside their host communities and work sites, one of which is Permanencia Voluntaria.

Meg McClure: This distant hero came to us from Minnesota in the US and embraced the archive as her own during her year of service as a YAGM from 2017-2018. Meg spent much of her time assisting in the recovery in the aftermath of the September 2017 earthquake, rescuing and inventorying the paper archive, and searching the world for other heros to join the fight by developing Permanencia Voluntaria’s first website.

Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara       


 Academy Film Archive

Orphan Film Symposium

Dan Streible

Mike Mashan


In addition following the earthquake of September 2017 there was an outpouring of cinematic love as people donated to help the archive get back on its feet and save our films from being lost forever. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the donations we received. Many people also sent us messages of love and encouragement that were the fuel for our spirits during this difficult time. We want to thank you for your words. Also many thanks for all the volunteers who came out to our location to help with the heavy lifting as we worked to save the films. In addition thank you to the people who searched for other creative ways in which to help us.

An extra special thanks and shout out to Peter Conheim, Colin Gunckel, and Raquel Craz for moving so quickly and putting together the campaigns for funding. We will always be grateful for the speed in helping us get back on our feet.

Thank you to all who donated to our GoFundMe projects and everyone else who contributed in other ways. There are many people who passed by the buildings of Baticine and Permanencia Voluntaria to help us whom we don't know and we would like to thank them as well. 

Calderón Family El Paso/Austin Texas

Anneke and Adriaan de Monchy

Laura Torres

Tracy Ferron

Charles and Anne Horak

Kara Van Malssen

Rob Byrne

Jan Christopher Horak

Stephanie Schulte/ Arsenal/Berlinale Forum

Nicole Wolf/ Arsenal/Berlinale Forum

Luis Torres Bohl/Mexicanal

Israel Reyero/Mexicanal

Trisha Ziff

Giovanna Fossati

Rocio Covarrubias

Jon Davison

Larry Urbanski

Jim Hrabetin

Rick Prelinger

Tim Hunter

Alani Rondon

Meredith Brody

Marc Friedman

Kae Ishihara

Paul Etcheverry

Margaret Bodde

Melissa Hutson

Dan Campos

Laura Gutierrez

Denis Doros & Amy Heller

Bob Greenwell

Dan Weissman

Gary Meyer

Guy Maddin

Suki O'Kane

Rachel Price

Clive Carmock

Alan Korn

Katie Trainor

Thorsten Sideboard

Paul Kazee

Andrea C

Tom Richmond

Mona Jimenez

Nicole Panter

Pamela Voekel

Rosalinda Rowe

Taylor Morales

Tomas Leach

Ignacio Sanchez Prado

Sandra Davila

Peter Moore

Alexander Munzig

Karin Romero

Janina Möbius

David Ellis

Rielle Navitski

Bianca Premo

Janet Peoples

Ivo Blom

Hannah Palin

Hunter Mann

Andrea & Roger Canales

Thomas Holzapfel

Cameron Jappe

Howard Prouty

Neil Calderone

Jim Bedford

Ivy Video

Julien Sabourdin

Ted Schroeder

Steve Seid

Cine Tonalá CDMX

Clémentine Mourão-Ferreira

Minneapolis Film Society

Josh Saco Cigarret Burns Cinema

Michael Falter

Skip Elsheimer

Jon Brooks

Lisa Emily

James Decker

Sean Savage

Samantha Luks

Charlie Haas

Jake Rodriguez

Franz Kunst

Laura Serna

Naida Garcia-Crespo

Lena Burgos-Lafuente

Caroline Gil Rodríguez

Stephen Berrey

Steev hise

Luisa de Lachica

David Pfluger

John Blanco

Lydia Loriente

Marcelo Tobar

Harry Velez

Robert Díaz

Magda Bogin

Laura Major

Christopher Phillips

Yvonne Ng

Clara Sánchez-Dehesa

María Campaña Ramia

Carlos Gutierrez

Greg Perry

Ron Light

Dylan Skolnick

Rena & David Kiehn

Bill Steele

Kim Luperi

Ian Shannon

Erik Piil

Tia Foss

Martin de Torcy

Miriam Acosta Pelangka

Olivia Cosentino

Matt M

Jennifer Boles

Lauren Barr

Joseph Dwyer

Jason Stamberger

Keith Garcia

Alex Bigman

Carolyn Radlo

Steve Dunsky

Jeannette Flores-Harshbarger

Penelope Houston

Craig Baldwin

Mundi Gove

Emily Balestrini

Zach Von

Michelle Alexander

Rachel Randall

Peter Nellhaus

William Nericcio

Gino Volpe

Nakagawa Nozomi

Philip David Morgan

Faith Arazi

Migle Ka

Hugo César García

Kanta Shibata

Filmoteca de la UNAM

Cineteca Nacional

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