Our Dreams

Over the years, Viviana’s passion for her family’s cinema legacy has made her the family’s repository of business papers, posters, lobby cards, photographs and film prints and negatives. Some of these materials were damaged or destroyed in the earthquake last year bringing into sharp focus the fragility of the archive and the need to move more swiftly to preserve the Calderon/Azteca films. These films are in great need of rescuing, and they need it soon. If we don’t all of the rolls of our popular films will degrade before we know it. We have already thrown out dozens of rolls that have been affected by the vinegar syndrome, their states were too far gone to renovate and they were in endangering our other rolls.


Our dream is to prevent other rolls from deterioration and to restore the films that we can still save. In order to do this, we want to build a vault that is temperature and humidity controlled. With this we will be able to drastically extend the lives of the rolls that we have from 5 to 20 years, to 200 years, preserving this piece of Mexican history for generations to enjoy.


We also need the resources to catalogue and scan the materials Viviana has collected to make the archive more readily and easily accessible for those who wish to use it for research purposes. If you desire to help us achieve our dream, check out our page Become a Hero to find out how you can help!

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